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P2P is a walkability assessment tool that can assist councils and developers in creating active and vibrant streetscapes. It has been developed by One Eighty Sport and Leisure Solutions from Adelaide, national landscape architecture and urban design practice CLOUSTON Associates, and more recently Visualvoice, a Melbourne based wayfinding / walking maps consultancy.

Evolved and refined over the last few years, including application through two major projects in Sydney and Adelaide, the idea of our model is to offer clients one or all of the P2P elements depending on their level of readiness to promote and enhance the urban form to create sustainable walking environments.

The P2P approach looks systematically at:


For a detailed look at the

"A Quick Guide to Walking Environments"

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P2P Brochure
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Prioritising Policy
Developing a strong foundation of the importance of streetscapes & walking.
Pavement Prioritising
Where to start? The identification of hot spots using what we term a ‘3D’ approach to include:
Destinations: The identification of strategic destinations
Demography: Assessment of social data at the collector district level
Documents: The review of localized strategies and data which will assist in the

   identification of priority areas
Planning Planning
Once the hot spots have been identified, our team audits each to determine a course of action to include tools such as the 5C approach.
policy Pavement
The final aspect of the framework addresses the design and way finding in and around communities. This includes actions such as addressing safety in areas of most obvious need, and the development of innovative design strategies to improve the walking environment.
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